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Chamber of Commerce and Industry of pécs-Baranya



The COSME’s new tender is now open

December 18. 2017.

The call for European Strategic Cluster Partnerships for Smart Specialization Investments is now open.

3rd EUREKA Danube Call for Proposals for joint R&D projects

December 07. 2017.

The 3rd EUREKA Danube Call was announced in Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania. The project is for R&D projects,  focusing on developing innovative products and applications in all technological and application areas.

Knowledge transfer and community building in the Creative Sector

December 05. 2017.

Call to an unmissable opportunity to every actor in the cultural and creative sector whose interested in Internationalization.

Seniors on the labour market

October 26. 2017.

The Hungarian labour market will increasingly need workers and the government supports companies in hiring workers from above the age of 55.

How transport entrepreneurs can go the extra mile in 2018

October 26. 2017.

Enterprise Europe Network adviser Rebecca van Leeuwen shares her top five upcoming opportunities for transport sector entrepreneurs to make an impact.

Impact of EU regional funds on climate change fight hazy, study finds

September 28. 2017.

Despite Brussels’ new emphasis on smart specialisation, there is an ongoing difficulty in capturing the value of EU cohesion policy

Electric cars may have a negative impact on the Hungarian economy

September 21. 2017.

Hungarian suppliers of major car manufacturers will be most affected by the expansion of the market for electric vehicles.

Increasing labor shortages

September 14. 2017.

The number of job vacancies in Hungary has reached a record high, according to figures released by the Central Statistical Office (KSH).

Forecast for 2018

December 13. 2017.

On the 13rd December 2017, the GKI Economic Research Co.'s forecast for 2018 was published.

Hungary’s Framework Programme 9 wish list

December 06. 2017.

EU’s next research framework programme need bigger budget, fair salaries for researchers and more money for countries with weaker research systems.

Enterprise Europe Network SME growth forecast 2017-18

November 20. 2017.

65% of the SMEs that Enterprise Europe Network support expect to increase their turnover in the next 12 months. What's happening on the ground?

Diverse program and extensive cooperation

October 16. 2017.

We have to highlight these two things as a key to success regarding the international conference and matchmaking event "Open4Business 2017" organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya and the Enterprise Europe Network Pécs.

University of Pécs teams up with Magnus Aircraft on training

September 28. 2017.

The University of Pécs is launching a training program in aircraft development and production with the involvement of local manufacturer Magnus Aircraft.

REFREsh project’s kick-off meeting was completed successfully

September 21. 2017.

The international REFREsh (aimed at revitalizing the rural cultural heritage) project’s kick off meeting was completed successfully on the18th September 2017, 70 km from Leipzig, in Klosterbuch, in an old monastery.

Survey shows third of Hungarians make no savings

September 06. 2017.

Hungarian spend most of their money on utilities and an average respondent saves 13.1% of their monthly income, according to a survey included in a draft government strategy to improve financial literacy.